Athletics Medicine

Our mailing address is:
Department of Athletics
Athletic Medicine
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182

Insurance questions or concerns, please contact:
SDSU Athletic Insurance Claims Coordinator
5500 Campanile Dr
San Diego, CA 92182
Phone: 619-594-7651
Fax: 619-594-7654

Athletic Trainers

Patrick Spieldenner Senior Associate AD of Athletic Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer 594-7650
Sergio Ibarra Assistant Director of Athletic Medicine (Men's Basketball) 594-7652
Queenie Soriano Assistant Director of Athletic Medicine (Women's Basketball) 594-1339
Josh Nutsch Associate Athletic Trainer (Football) 594-5272
Cassie Cyr Associate Athletic Trainer (Cross Country/Track & Field) 594-7653
Bronson Santillan Associate Athletic Trainer (Baseball) 594-7653
Nate Steblay Assistant Athletic Trainer (Lacrosse) 594-5551
Maria Barajas Assistant Athletic Trainer (Water Polo) 594-5551
Jessica Reed Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football)        594-7660
Addison Mienert Assistant Athletic Trainer (Track and Field/Cross Country and Men's/Women's Golf)           594-5551
Kristen Paulius Assistant Athletic Trainer (Volleyball)/Insurance Coordinator  
Gabriella Rubio Assistant Athletic Trainer (Swim & Dive/Football) 594-5551
Rajan Lad Assistant Athletic Trainer (Recreation Sports) 594-5551
Alex Twombly Associate Athletic Trainer (Softball/Health Educator) 594-7653
Bryce Jobson Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 594-7660
Kendall Butler Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Soccer/Men's Tennis)  594-5551
Kristen Murphy Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Soccer/Women's Tennis)  
Sara Thompson Assistant Athletic Trainer (Club Sports) 594-5551
Tashiya Miller Athletics Licensed Vocational Nurse 594-7651

Team Physicians

Dr. Allen Richburg Director of Athletic Medicine
Dr. Christopher Behr Head Orthopedic Physician
Dr. Doug Dengerink Team Physician
Dr. Scott Evans Team Physician
Dr. Alexandra Myers Team Physician
Dr. Steven Rohrer Team Physician