This learning community provides each student with a comprehensive, four-year student-athlete development program centered around three foundational pillars: personal growth, career development, and civic engagement.  Student-athletes will receive yearly innovative programming, one-on-one coaching, and unique experiential learning opportunities that will help them create and prepare for their post-graduate plans and build a strong network of connections available through the SDSU community.


Dinner with an Aztec

17 October 2023: San Diego State Athletics Student Athlete Advisory Committee hosts the 9th annual dinner with an Aztec networking event at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center(Credit: Derrick Tuskan/San Diego State)


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  • Summer Bridge and Orientation- SAASS coordinates a student-athlete orientation session for incoming freshmen and transfer student-athletes at the beginning of each academic term. This orientation is a great opportunity to introduce new student-athletes to the resources provided both in athletics and on campus. Some incoming freshmen also participate in the SAASS Summer Bridge program during the summer term. This program is intentionally designed to assist new freshmen with their transition to college. During this program, student-athletes enroll in one 3-unit general education course, and the SAASS staff provides course-specific academic support as students’ progress through this course. The students also receive educational programming as they learn about the online systems and how to navigate the academic landscape at SDSU. In addition to the academic programming, the student-athletes participate in workshops on topics including drug and alcohol education, community living, sexual assault prevention, and mental health.
  • 16 Hours of civic engagement, personal growth and career development programing: Example Workshop Topics: Academic & University Resources; Learning Strategies & Time Management; Community Building & Aztec Identity; Stress Management; Budgeting & Savings; Navigating the Transition to College; Bystander Training
  • Signature Event: Upperclassmen Panel- Freshman student-athletes receive mentoring from upperclassmen student-athletes regarding things they ‘wish they would have known’ when they were freshman. This special event provides the opportunity for peer-to-peer coaching.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Navigating the Transition to College & My Aztec Story
  • 16 Hours of civic engagement, personal growth and career development programing: Example Workshop Topics: Alcohol & Other Drug Education; Nutrition; Experiential Learning & Internship Opportunities; Credit & Loan Education; Identity & Values
  • Signature Event: Major and Career Exploration- This experiential learning opportunity allows student-athletes to meet the Assistant Deans from each College at SDSU. They are provided with an overview of each major/minor offered at SDSU and advice for successfully choosing a major. In addition, the students have the unique opportunity to meet in small groups with the college Assistant Dean to learn more about career opportunities associated with the degrees and how to be successful in the major.
  • One-on-One Coaching: LinkedIn Review & Career Exploration
  • 16 Hours of civic engagement, personal growth and career development programing: Example Workshop Topics: Interview Techniques & Strategies; Personality & Values Exploration; Resilience & Motivation Training; 8 Rules for Financial Health; Graduate School Exploration
  • Signature Event: Mock Interview with an Aztec- Mock Interview with an Aztec is our junior year premier event that is a special opportunity for student-athletes to gain exposure to a professional interview experience, similar to a first-round interview for an entry-level career. Students gain practice responding to common interview questions in a simulated interview setting. Students also receive important feedback on their overall performance and opportunities for improvement.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Resume Review & Career Journey
  • 16 Hours of civic engagement, personal growth and career development programing: Example Workshop Topics: Student-Athlete Identity Transition; Effective Job Search Strategies; Transferable Skills; Salary Negotiation; Long-term Financial Health
  • Signature Event: Dinner with an Aztec- Dinner with an Aztec is an integral part of our senior student-athletes' preparation to be the next generation of community leaders and talented young professionals. This event allows student-athletes to interact with professionals and learn more about various industries of interest while refining the professional skills they have learned during the Aztecs Go Pro course. Not only does this event provide student-athletes with an opportunity to gain important insight, it also provides students with the potential for mentorship, internships, and often leads to professional opportunities. Dinner with an Aztec is an important part of our comprehensive four-year student-athlete development program, Aztecs Going Pro.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Mock Interview & Finalize Career/ Secondary Degree Plans
  • Throughout the Aztecs Going Pro program, the student-athletes participate in a variety of career mentoring programs, events, and fairs provided by SDSU Career Services. These events allow our student-athletes to engage with different employers and career mentors that help them obtain jobs and internships while developing in their career journey.

The AGP Summer Internship Program is a paid, eight-week internship opportunity designed exclusively for student-athletes at SDSU. The goal of the program is to provide student-athletes with professional and transferable work experience by allowing them to intern in one of the various offices of the San Diego State Athletics Department.