Mission Statement

The mission of the San Diego State University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to support the university mission by providing a balanced, high-quality education for student-athletes, and by serving the university community, alumni, and friends through success and distinction within an environment of uncompromising integrity. The goal of the department is the same as that of the university: excellence. That excellence is to be demonstrated in the graduation of student-athletes, service, and competitive success against major collegiate competition. Intercollegiate Athletics recognizes its role in promoting school pride and uniting students, faculty, staff, and alumni through shared experiences. It will strive to be recognized as a leader in diversity and inclusion, and will promote an environment of teamwork, leadership, and personal accountability.



As a team, We Will:

  • Fulfill the mission of San Diego State University.
  • Adhere to NCAA, MWC, affiliated conferences, and University regulations.
  • Create a source of pride to all associated with the University.
  • Provide equitable opportunities regardless of gender, race, or creed.
  • Inspire cooperation, group loyalty, sportsmanship, and school spirit.
  • Develop strong character by supporting student-athlete welfare, physical and emotional well-being, social development, progress toward graduation, personal growth, and a commitment to community service.
  • Maximize the generation of revenue to fund the athletic programs.
  • Be fiscally responsible.
  • Respect and appreciate constituents who have a stake in our mission.
  • Actively pursue championships.
  • Represent San Diego State University with the utmost integrity, pride, and professionalism.


The athletic department team is comprised of the athletic director, coaches, student-athletes, administrators, and staff. Our extended team includes the University, boosters, corporate sponsors, alumni, and the San Diego community. Our commitment to excellence is the foundation upon which our team builds to produce success in a solid, cohesive, well-coordinated manner.