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Our Mission at San Diego State is to support Aztec student-athletes as they build their PERSONAL BRAND through NIL! Fans, Businesses, and Supporters are now able to partner with student-athletes through multiple platforms:

  • Activate a deal on the Opendorse NIL Marketplace
  • Shop officially licensed jerseys and gear for game day
  • Support SDSU Collectives

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Contact our staff with NIL related questions.


Student-Athlete Perspective

"NIL has been a huge benefit to me and my team. I love getting to work with companies that I'm extremely passionate about."
Jessica Kain '24
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What Brands Are Saying

Gabrielle Brown
Director, Influencer Partnerships

"Working with student-athletes for Toyota’s SD Fair activation was pure magic. They were engaging and appreciative of the opportunity to not only meet their fans but work with a brand like Toyota."

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Alumni Spotlight

Caden McDonald, '23
Known for his "Toothless Cowboy" brand, McDonald achieved tremendous success on and off the field at SDSU.
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Frequently Asked Questions

NIL is an activity that involves the use of an individual’s Name, Image and Likeness for commercial or promotional purposes. Student-Athletes are permitted to partner with brands and supporters to endorse or promote products and services, offer private lessons, or participate in public appearances as long as their is a "quid pro quo" executed.

Yes, You can partner with one student-athlete or multiple across sports or entire teams. (student-athletes on international visa's have different rules and restrictions, contact the compliance office for questions.)

We recommend contacting our student-athletes directly via the online marketplace or social media.

Our NIL office is a secondary contact and we are available as a source for information and compliance questions.

Donors are subject to strict regulations related to their relationships with student-athletes. We would advise donors contact student-athletes through the opendorse marketplace, connect with a collective and lastly, the SDSU NIL department is available to inform all parties.

Donors should NOT solicit student-athletes without the "quid pro quo" standard being met, and should limit interactions with student-athletes that is not approved. More information on donor activity.

International student-athletes who are on a Visa status are subject to the rules and regulations related to that visa status. We work closely with the SDSU International Student Services department to stay up to date on the latest guidance.

We recommend reaching out to our compliance office or NIL coordinator with any questions involving international student-athletes.

Student-athletes may receive compensation in the form of money, services or goods for the use of their NIL provided:

  1. The compensation is not provided in exchange of athletic performance;
  2. The compensation (or prospective compensation) is not provided as an inducement to attend or remain at the institution (“recruiting”)
  3. The compensation is commensurate with market value
  4. The compensation is not provided by SDSU, an entity whose purpose includes supporting or benefiting from SDSU or its intercollegiate athletics program, or an officer, director, employee, or agent of SDSU.

Collectives or NIL Entities as they are referred to by the NCAA are third party/external organizations who's sole purpose is to support student-athletes in NIL endeavors. These organizations usually consist of fans, donors, and other university supporters who leverage their "collective" network and resources to provide NIL opportunities to student-athletes.

Yes, it is permissible to support collectives.

Student-athletes may not enter a NIL contract to receive compensation for the advertisement, endorsement or promotion of the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Sports Betting
  • Performance Enhancing Supplements
  • Controlled Substances
  • Tobacco
  • Marijuana
  • Any Product Inconsistent with Values & Mission of the University or Reflects               Adversely on the University or Athletics.

As it relates to NIL, our NIL Coordinator Brenden Hill (bhill2@sdsu.edu) is your first point of contact.

The NCAA provides a tremendous amount of resources related to NIL included their own set of FAQ's. NCAA resources related to NIL.

NO, NIL deals are not permitted to involve SDSU logos, marks, or student-athlete photos with marks present unless all parties have received prior permission from NIL staff, CLC, or JMI sports SDSU's official MMR partner.

If you're a brand and would like to learn more about unlocking the use of NIL in partnership with IP, contact:

Eric Del Carmen,
VP, Partnerships
JMI Sports